Keyboarding and Word Processing: new classes sharpen writers’ skills has made its reputation over the last several years by providing expert help with writing projects at every step in the creative process. However, even a crackerjack writer is not necessarily a speedy and efficient typist. To make sure that everyone on staff has these skills, will offer training in keyboarding and the use of advanced word processing features. This will speed completion of projects, whether editing, writing, or research, in all subject areas.’s staff of professional writers can avoid delay and frustration, and focus completely on turning out the elegant and crystalline prose that is our goal for all papers, essays, articles, proposals, and reports which helps customers complete.

Faster than a speeding bullet, the fingers of a competent typist fly across the keys. To have this skill under your belt is a fabulous tool for anyone who writes. It is essential to have something to say, of course, and the custom writing staff at has plenty to express when they help customers put their research and essay ideas into just the right words. However, not all of our writers have had specific typing classes. Especially for the staff writers at, who need to produce clear and cogent prose swiftly and to deadline, good typing skills are more than critical. To meet their needs, the management will be providing word processing training. Offered through online courses, or in onsite classes, or by reimbursing tuition at local schools, the training will help editors, writers, and researchers to get the job done, and done fast. Additionally, the training will transform all our writers into power users of the advanced features of word processing software, many of which offer stunning savings in time and effort. In addition to basic keyboarding, writers will have a chance to learn how to use the more sophisticated dynamic, interactive bibliographic features, and mark-up and change tracking tools.

With these skills firmly in hand, will be poised to assist even more customers in yet more sophisticated projects, whether editing multiple drafts, or foreign language or multi-lingual projects, or complex and precise bibliographies.

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