Lady Gaga + The Lawsuit Music Business

Lady Gaga’s latest release “Born This Way” has opened up an explosion of interest among those who see similarities between different music artists’ hit singles, which have often lead to lawsuits.

The Lady Gaga tune is similar to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” and has lead to an examination of lawsuits and similar matters affecting hit singles – or even music that has not been a hit.

Included in the music lawsuit list is:

* George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord”, which wound up to have been a ‘subconscious’ copy of “He’s So Fine” by the Chiffons.

* The Beatles’ “Come Together”, which was settled out of court and related to a Chuck Berry song “You Can’t Catch Me”.

* Vanilla Ice with “Ice Ice Baby” which resulted in a multimillion dollar payout to David Bowie and Queen for similarity to “Under Pressure”.

* CCR’s John Fogerty who faught Saul Zaentz as owner of Fantasy Records for the song “The Old Man Down The Road”, which was deemed not to have infringed any copyright.

Is there a lawsuit pending over Lady Gaga’s latest offering? Not so far, anyway.

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