Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Glen Lerner Helps Victims Salvage Their Lives

Las Vegas, Nevada
To any individual who has suffered because of an accident or injury and has been made a victim because of the negligence of another, the road to recovery can be a long and harrowing journey. Personal injury victims oftentimes fall into despair and depression, unsure of who can help them or where they can turn for answers. Financial matters become pressing, medical bills pile up, and life as the accident victim knew it is set firmly in the past. However, Las Vegas-based Glen Lerner & Associates is a personal injury law firm that works every day to help these individuals carry on with their lives.
The world of personal injury litigation can be a difficult and confusing journey. Glen Lerner & Associates have been operating in the Las Vegas area since 1991 and this firm in particular works to help victims understand every part of the legal process as it applies to their specific case.
Personal injury law, or tort law as it is known in the legal community, covers a wide spectrum of injury cases, accident cases, as well as damage done to a person, their property, their reputation or other infringements on their personal rights. A case of this matter can stem from a product used by a person, an injury at work or in any other public place, while travelling in a motorized vehicle, or because of faulty medical treatment or care. However, in order for a victim to work through a case with Glen Lerner & Associates, the alleged injury, accident, or product malfunction must come about because of unsafe or negligent actions on behalf of another party or group.
Glen Lerner is the most Popular Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas and has had the ability to help dozens of Las Vegas and Nevada residents in the litigation of their personal injury cases. The firm has had ample success in personal injury law, some achievements include: $4.9 million settlement to a motorcyclist who was hit by a cab driver on the Las Vegas Strip and a $4.23 million jury verdict involving a driver who failed to stop at a red light, injuring another party.
Currently, Glen Lerner & Associates are looking to work with other accident and injury victims and are encouraging those who believe they were injured or have suffered at the hands of another party to come forward and contact an associate of the firm to discuss their potential case.
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It is important to note that case specifics are hard to determine without going through a full and thorough legal consultation with a licensed and knowledgeable member of the Glen Lerner & Associates staff. Therefore in order to properly determine liability and the viability of a potential case, it is important for any individual who has been injured in an accident to call or contact Glen Lerner & Associates immediately to take the first step in this very important matter.

Glen Lerner & Associates is located at: 4795 S. Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89147. You can reach the professional staff at Glen Lerner & Associates by calling: 702-877-1500. Glen Lerner & Associates is online at

Las Vegas-based Glen Lerner & Associates has been working to help accident and injury victims since 1991. The firm specializes in a variety of legal areas, including: auto, motorcycle, and truck accidents, bankruptcy, wrongful death lawsuits, slip and fall injuries, product and premises liability, medical liability and injury, nursing home injury and fatality, as well as other types of litigation that work to assist those individuals who have found themselves victimized because of negligence, malfunction and defect to hold guilty parties responsible and accountable.
Glen Lerner & Associates is licensed to practice law in the State of Nevada and partners with associates across the country, helping victims regardless of geography. <a href=Injury Attorney
For additional information, Contact: Glen Lerner & Associates, (702) 877-1500 or at

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