Law & Business Technology – Mobs 4 u, a leading online store offers a range of mobile phone accessories ranging from iphone 3G mobile chargers to iphone 3G mobile cases.

7 May 2011 – Mobs 4 u is an exclusive online store committed to providing the latest and best in iphone 3G mobiles and iphone mobile accessories at competitive prices. Some of the most sought after mobile phone accessories are the iphone 3G mobile chargers and iphone 3G mobile cases.
Today iphones are the most sought after and used gadgets and keeping in mind the increasing demand for iphone 3G mobile chargers, iphone 3G mobile cases and accessories, we at mobs 4 u have a good stock to cater to iphone owners.
At mobs 4 u, you will find wide range of iphone 3G mobile chargers. The 3 in one charger includes USB car charger, USB travel charger and USB data cable for use with iphone 3G. These iphone 3G mobile chargers with USB car charger is easy to use, it can be easily plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. The USB travel iphone 3G mobile charger is a good substitute for any original iphone and ipod. It comes with a retractable USB 2.0 hot sync data transfer and charging cable. The USB data cable is very functional and efficient, its features include high speed transfer rate, you can sync and charge your ipod/iphone simultaneously, you can synchronize and transfer your music from your iphone and you can charge your iphone or ipod using any of the chargers with a USB port. Mobs 4 u assures of CE and ROHS approved main chargers for your safety and comes with 12 months warranty.
The iphone 3G mobile cases are the best picks. The cases are super thin and super tough. The iphone 3G mobile cases are made from polycarbonate plastic which is scratch resistant. This is the same material used for making eye wear. The iphone 3G mobile cases are crystal clear, shock absorbent and shatter proof.
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Mobs 4 u offer the best in iphones and iphone 3G accessories. Their quality is unmatched and prices very competitive. Their range of iphone 3G accessories are the best that you can’t afford to compromise.

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