Law Firm Satisfaction Rate Slips in Corporate Arena

corporate law customer satisfactionFewer than one third of clients who use the services of corporate counsel recommend their primary lawyers, reports Bloombergs in respect of a survey from BTI Consulting.

Bloombergs report that the exact figure of 31 per cent of clients recommending their primary lawyers is down from 36 per cent last year and 42 per cent two years ago.

“Secondary law firms providing better customer service and showing a willingness to adjust to client needs are gaining ground the fastest on primary law firm turf,” the consulting group said.

The conclusions of the survey, in its 13th year, resulted from 300 interviews with chief legal officers and general counsel at Fortune 1000 companies and large organizations.


Those surveyed reported their dissatisfaction with their primary law firm because of their inflexibility and unwillingness to do anything other than what is asked.


BTI found that 48 percent of corporate clients replaced one of their two primary firms in 2012, an increase from 39 percent in 2010. The new work went to a firm that had been in a secondary role, BTI said.

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