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Law Society President to Feature in Movie From ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Producer – Law Society president Tiana Epati, LawFuel’s Lawyer of the Year, is to feature in a new movie from the producer of “Jojo Rabbit”, the Oscar-nominated Chelsea Winstanley.

The movie is to be produced by Winstanley’s new film production company, to be based in both Los Angeles and New Zealand, and will feature Ms Epati’s battle to free a former gang member from jail.  The court case saw the Law Society president as a young country lawyer fighting former colleagues from Crown Law to free her client from jail.

The details of the battle may be seen in the video here:

To be called ‘The Appeal’, the successful appeal by Ms Epati was followed by her successful efforts on a number of cases before the New Zealand appeal courts, followed by last year’s elevation to the presidency of the New Zealand Law Society.

“JoJo Tiana” – Lawyer of the Year In New Movie From JoJo Rabbit Producer

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