Law Society President to Feature in Movie From ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Producer – Law Society president Tiana Epati, LawFuel’s Lawyer of the Year, is to feature in a new movie from the producer of “Jojo Rabbit”, the Oscar-nominated Chelsea Winstanley.

Law Society President to Feature in Movie From 'Jojo Rabbit' Producer 3

The movie is to be produced by Winstanley’s new film production company, to be based in both Los Angeles and New Zealand, and will feature Ms Epati’s battle to free a former gang member from jail.  The court case saw the Law Society president as a young country lawyer fighting former colleagues from Crown Law to free her client from jail.

The details of the battle may be seen in the video here:

To be called ‘The Appeal’, the successful appeal by Ms Epati was followed by her successful efforts on a number of cases before the New Zealand appeal courts, followed by last year’s elevation to the presidency of the New Zealand Law Society.

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