LAWFUEL – A law firm specialising in sexual harassment cases has itsel…

LAWFUEL – A law firm specialising in sexual harassment cases has itself been proven to have practised sexual harassment and ordered to pay $368,000 to a Roseville woman who worked at the firm as a paralegal.

The Martinez-Senftner Law Firm, Roseville, CA, handles a variety of civil and criminal work, including sexual harassment cases. The victim’s identity has been withheld following the two week trial which found that the law firm should have known about the allegations but did nothing to stop them. The woman received $68,000 general damages and $300,000 punitive damages. The law firm was named in the suit along with Jim and Wayne Senftner, the law firm owner’s husband and son.

The allegations were that there was a hostile work environment and she suffered harassment from Jim and Wayne

She also alleged that Jim Senftner touched her inappropriately, along with other women.

Gloria Martinez-Senftner denied the allegations against her husband and son were true.

A report quoted Mrs Martinez-Senftner as saying: “As far as the allegations against Jim … he’ll contest them and file for a motion for a new trial,” Martinez-Senftner said. “There is a lot I cannot say because of the nature of the case. I won’t speak to the facts of the case.”

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