LAWFUEL – Anna Nicole Court Hearing – Things are getting fiery in the …

LAWFUEL – Anna Nicole Court Hearing – Things are getting fiery in the Anna Nicole custody case with a judge ordering another DNA sample to be taken from her body while the battle rages over custody of her baby Dannielynn.

Amid reports that she was underfeeding the baby to make her “sexy”, the Fort Lauderdale case sees a courtroom crammed with lawyers fighting over Anna Nicole’s body and baby.

The body has been at the Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office, where the judge has ruled it will stay until his ruling has been made. Lawyers objected to the taking of a swab of her cheek, saying it was unnecessary.

The Judge, Larry Seidlin, said he didn’t want to have the body exhumed and wanting to have Anna Nicole “buried forever”.

Her companion, attorney Howard K Stern is seeking control of the body, wanting to have her buried in the Bahamas, while Anna Nicole’s mother Vergie Arthur is also seeking control and hopes to take the body to Texas for burial.

Meanwhile, photographer Larry Birkhead is seeking to prove that he is the father of the baby.

And in the Bahamas, Stern has filed a burglary report claiming that a computer, videos and other items taken from the house after her death on February 8. Stern makes his claims as apparent executor of Smith’s estate and is seeking to have Dannielynn bured next to Anna Nicole’s recently-deceased son in the Bahamas.

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