LawFuel – As the list of companies withdrawing potentially tainted pet…

LawFuel – As the list of companies withdrawing potentially tainted pet foods increases, so too does the number of class action and individual lawsuits arising from the contamination crisis.

Del Monte pet products is the latest company to voluntarily recall some of its brands. The newly recalled products are “Jerky Treats, beef flavored dog snacks, and “Pounce, meaty morsels moist chicken flavor cat treats.” The recall was announced after learning that wheat gluten, supplied to it from a Chinese plant, contained melamine.

Another recall this weekend was from Nestle Purina pet company.

Menu Foods, Nestle Purina Pet Care and Hill’s Pet Nutrition recalled more than 60 million containers of pet food because of kidney failure in cats and dogs. Menu Foods has confirmed the death of 15 cats and one dog due to eating the tainted food.

A new report claims cats may have a greater sensitivity to a chemical found in the recalled pet food. Officials with the FDA say cats are more susceptible to poisoning by the chemical melamine than dogs.

Melamine was the chemical found in the wheat gluten in the recalled pet food. The chemical is used to make several products including plastic kitchenware, glues and fertilizers.

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