– David Beckham – Tom Cruise – Beckham video, Cruise video… – David Beckham – Tom Cruise – Beckham video, Cruise video – There’s “no show” of David Beckham becoming a scientology, according to a Lawfuel source who said Beckham was innately shrewd and unlikely to join a movement as controversial and unorthodox as Scientology, notwithstanding his close connection to leading Scientology exponent Tom Cruise.

Both Beckham and Cruise share the same management team at Creative Artists Agency. CAA helped negotiate the massive Galoxy soccer deal that promises Beckham $1 million a week for five years.

It has been reported in British newspapers that Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice of the Spice Girls) has read the religion’s literature and become close to Cruise’s new wife, Katie Holmes.

Further, she is set to play an alien bride in “The Thetan,” a Cruise-backed movie about an immortal spiritual being Scientologists believe is present in all humans.

But, sources told Lawfuel, notwithstanding Beckham’s massive deal and huge wealth, and the influence of his friend Tom Cruise, he is not going to “disappoint his fans and family” by being labelled “a crazy”.

“He’s a player in every sense. He may play Tom Cruise too in terms of listening and learning, but that doesn’t make him someone who will actually join Scientology” the source said.

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