– Law News Daily – Law Jobs – As reported by… – Law News Daily – Law Jobs – As reported by yesterday, a Florida appeals court has stayed the ability of Court-ordered guardian Richard Milstein to bury Anna Nicole Smith, ruling that her remains cannot be moved to the Bahamas.

The stay was ordered on the application of Anna Nicole Smith’s mother Virgie Arthur, from whom Anna Nicole was estranged.

Attorneys for Arthur argue that judgeLarry Seidlin did not have the power to order a guardian for Dannielynn, a U.S. citizen and Bahamas resident, and that Arthur should have custody over Smith’s body, because under Florida law, the infant is too young to make such a decision.
A petition for the ruling claimed that Arthur and Smith’s non-Bahamas friends will have to meet the cost of airfare and hotels to visit the grave of the former Playmate model.

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