– Lead Story Today – A $1.52 billion verdict against Micro… – Lead Story Today – A $1.52 billion verdict against Microsoft is the largest patent verdict in legal history.

The verdict was returned by a federal jury in the US District Court for the Southern District of California in San Diego and found that Microsoft had infringed audi patents held by Alcatel-Lucent, the computer giant said on Thursday.

The case relates to standards used for playing MP3 files
“We made strong arguments supporting our view and we are pleased with the court’s decision,” said Alcatel-Lucent spokeswoman Joan Campion, declining to discuss details of the decision.

Microsoft said it has already properly licensed the MP3 technology from a German company called Fraunhofer for $16 million.

“We are concerned that this decision opens the door for Alcatel-Lucent to pursue action against hundreds of other companies who purchased the rights to use MP3 technology from Fraunhofer, the industry-recognized rightful licensor,” said Tom Burt, Microsoft corporate vice president and deputy general counsel, in a statement issued by the company.

The case is part of a broader intellectual property dispute between Microsoft and Alcatel-Lucent.

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