– Saddam Hanging – Saddam Video – Iraq War Trial – “Chemic… – Saddam Hanging – Saddam Video – Iraq War Trial – “Chemical Ali”, Saddam Hussein’s cousin, admitted in Court on Sunday that he gave the order for the destruciton of Kurdish villages during the 1980s because they were “full of Iranian agents and . . . saboteurs”.

Prosecutors at the trial of Ali Hassan al-Majid, introduced documents that they claim incriminated members of Saddam’s regime in the killing of tens of thousands of Kurds.

Al-Majid is one of six defendants facing charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity stemming from Baghdad’s military campaign against Iraqi Kurds during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war. More than 100,000 Kurds were killed.

al-Majid had earlier said that he gave orders to execute people who entered a prohibited area on the border with Iran and that he did not regret crushing the Kurdish uprising.

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