– Super Bowl Sports Law News – Churchs who use the Super B… – Super Bowl Sports Law News – Churchs who use the Super Bowl as a fund raiser can create some serious legal issues, according to recent reports.

The Chicago Bears play for title with the Indianapolis Colts in Miami.

The NFL has warned that Churchs who charge for parties will need to change their plans. Several congregations around the country that have since curtailed or abandoned party plans to avoid ending up on the wrong side of the law, both in terms of charging and using the copyrighted material in the form of Super Bowl screenings..

Church leaders say the Super Bowl has turned into an annual way to connect with their community.

Those are some copyright no-no’s. The league’s long-standing policy is to ban “mass out-of-home viewing” of the Super Bowl except at sports bars and other businesses that televise sports as part of their everyday operations, Aiello said.

Places are prohibited from charging admission to watch the Super Bowl, and the law prevents them from showing the game on a TV bigger than 55 inches.

The idea is to honor the NFL’s contract with networks that provide free broadcasts of the game and to protect the Super Bowl trademark, Aiello said.

Major League Baseball and the NCAA have similar policies.

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