– The cause of Anna Nicole Smith’s death is still unknown … – The cause of Anna Nicole Smith’s death is still unknown as investigators disclosed Friday that they found prescription medicines but no illegal drugs in her hotel room. More tests will be necessary to determine the cause of her death.

The autopsy found no pills in her stomach, but officials were awaiting the results of toxocological tests that would indicate whether she had taken drugs, said Dr. Joshua Perper, the Broward County medical examiner.

Also on Friday, a judge refused to order an emergency DNA test on Smith as part of a paternity suit involving her infant daughter, a lawyer for Smith said.

Larry Birkhead, is claiming to be her baby’s father and wanted Anna’s DNA taken and preserved for his paternity suit.

The judge said he would rule in 10 days and wants Smiths body preserved during that time according to Birkhead’s lawyer.

They want Smiths DNA so that no one could switch babies for the test.

Attorney Howard K. Stern is listed as the baby’s father and if he is proven to be he would inherit Smith’s estate and not the baby according to experts.

Ron Rale, Smiths lawyer said there was no urgency to deal with the issue because his client’s DNA would be irrelevant in determining who fathered the child.

Stern will get custody of the baby because he is listed as the father.

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