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LawFuel Law Jobs – LawJobsCenter Blog – Time Magazine’s article on video resumes is an interesting look at the fast-developing role of online video sites and their application to online resumes. The large Vault site has just completed a video resume contest and YouTube itself carries around 1600 resumes, some of which are funny, some tragic and some . . well, they seem to work.

Time points to Jobster’s link with social networker Facebook to feature online videos, while there are other sites like 62ndview, HireVue and ResumeVideo either up or being launched.

One problem is the issue of liability. Just as some offline resumes have names and identifying characteristics (like racial background) deleted to avoid liability issues, the video resume offers up a host more such potential liabilities that are scaring some employers into keeping their job submission process in the old format.

My guess is that video resumes will become a de rigeur method of job application in the not-so-distant future. Issues of liability will be like any other issue of liability – you operate within an environment that provides protection to both employer and potential employee.

So . . camera, lights, video action!

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