LAWFUEL – Law Newswire – The Law Offices of J. Michael Kelly issued th…

LAWFUEL – Law Newswire – The Law Offices of J. Michael Kelly issued the following statement today:

RE: “Missing Ohio Woman” Media Contact

As you are aware, in the current news relating to Jessie Davis, the pregnant woman who has been missing in Ohio, a “person of interest” in her disappearance and currently under investigation by the FBI is Bobby Cutts, Jr. A Canton police officer who is the father of her son and unborn daughter, Cutts was convicted in 1998 of disorderly conduct and sentenced to three years probation for breaking into the home and threatening Nikki Giavasis, a former girlfriend and the mother of his nine year old daughter. Subsequently, there has been extensive civil litigation both in Ohio and California between Ms. Giavasis and Cutts over custody issues and the alleged physical, emotional and verbal mistreatment of their daughter by Cutts.

Ms. Giavasis is an actress, model and author now residing in the Los Angeles area. During the past few days, Ms. Giavasis has been besieged by requests from the media for interviews relating to her past and present relationship with Cutts. As the volume of requests are becoming more than she can handle, she has asked her law firm, The Law Offices of J. Michael Kelly in Santa Monica to assist her in monitoring and screening such requests for interviews. The law firm has subsequently asked its public relations counsel, Fisher & Associates, Inc., to undertake the responsibility of being the primary contact for any media that wish to interview her and/or her attorney, Crystal Boultinghouse. Ms. Boultinghouse is the lead attorney who was responsible for bringing Ms. Giavasis’ daughter, Taylor, back to California and away from Cutts in January 2007.

Henceforth, we would respectfully request that any such requests from the media for interviews be directed to Bob Fisher of Fisher & Associates. Mr. Fisher can be reached through the following means listed below.

All requests will be responded to as quickly as possible.

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