LAWFUEL – Saddam Hanging – Legal News Daily –’s lead story…

LAWFUEL – Saddam Hanging – Legal News Daily –’s lead story reports on the hanging of Saddam Hussein, which is to be videoed by Iraq officials. Saddam was handed over to Iraq by the US hours ago and was executed before the start of the Eid relgious holiday on Sunday.

Saddam was held at the American military prison known as Camp Cropper.
Iraqi officials have said that Saddam’s final moments will be videotaped by the government.

“We will video everything,” al Rubaie said. “All documentation will be videoed. Taking him from his cell to the execution is going to be videoed, and the actual execution will be documented and videoed.”

It’s not clear whether the videotape will be broadcast on Iraqi television.

An Iraqi government official says efforts are under way to carry out the death sentence by the end of this month, indicating that they want to do the execution before Eid, which coincides with the New Year.

“The law does not say within 30 days, it says after the lapse of 30 days,” said Busho Ibrahim, deputy justice minister. There was no immediate explanation for the conflicting claims.

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