LAWFUEL – The Times reports that the estranged wife of Paul McCartney,…

LAWFUEL – The Times reports that the estranged wife of Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, was accused of lying on oath yesterday while she gave evidence against a photographer she claims harassed her and other celebrities, including the model Kate Moss.

Mills told Brighton Magistrates’ Court that Jay Kaycappa had hurt her back while trying to get a better picture of her. She claimed that he had hounded her since the news emerged of her separation from Sir Paul.

When asked to identify herself to the court, she replied: “My name is Heather Ann Mills McCartney, soon-to-be just Mills.” She told the court that she was taking on the press pack on behalf of other celebrities. “I’ve got evidence of him doing a lot of stuff to Kate Moss.

“I don’t have to spend my time in the court doing this. Jay Kaycappa has assaulted a lot of people and upset people and I’m going out on a limb,” she said. “I don’t want the man to go to prison. Community service would sort him out.”

She said that Mr Kaycappa had regularly staked out her home in Shoreham, on the outskirts of Brighton. Her house is on the same road as those of the television presenter Zoë Ball and her husband, Norman Cook, aka Fatboy Slim, and the singer and actor Nick Berry.

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