Let Bygones Be Bygones With Mills Counseling Services

This is a first hand account of one of our customers who had availed of our Louisiana Licensed Social Worker, and was very happy with the results. “On the 24th of December 1978, I married one of my college sweethearts of six years. We were married at our old church and all our relatives had come to our wedding. The wedding ceremony lasted for two hours and then we had lunch at our town hall of Louisiana. We then went to the Bahamas for a honeymoon. It was a dream come true for me and on our trip, I had the time of my life. We had a lot of fun together. People who saw us together would say that we were the happiest couple in the world. Such was the chemistry between us. Our honeymoon lasted for a fortnight. So did our marriage. It broke down on the 15th January 1979, when my husband, an officer in a bank, was preparing to go to office. Accidentally, I came across a photograph. It had a woman with my husband. When I saw this photograph, I diverted my questioning glance towards him. I asked him about it. It was then that he told me that it was taken in the year 1975. This photo was taken during his first marriage. All these years, he had not mentioned his earlier marriage and so I thought that he was a one woman man. I was very possessive by nature and did not like the idea of him having slept with another woman before me.

I was also annoyed with the fact that he had hidden this fact from me. We approached Mills Counseling Services. We went for couples counseling in Lafayette Louisiana. Our counseling lasted for a period of three months. We had Lafayette Louisiana counselors at our disposal. At the end of the counseling session, a family therapist in Louisiana approached us. We had reconciled. Our counseling proved to be very effective. I was so happy with the result of the counseling, that I have become one of the most proficient publicists of the organization”. This is a first person account of one of our customers who had come to us alone to complain against her husband, but at the end of three months, went back home with her husband. Apart from couples counseling in Lafayette Louisiana, Family Therapy in Louisiana also has other services like a licensed therapist in Louisiana, Lafayette Louisiana social worker, licensed professional counselor in LA, etc. Their therapist in Louisiana has the unique selling proposition that he gives his personal touch to his work. Mills Counseling Services works at developing a special bond with their customer such that they do not feel hesitant to talk to the family therapist in Louisiana about their personal problems. You are promised total secrecy in discussing your family or marital problems. All customers at Mills Counseling Services are treated as family members.

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