Lifeline Hospital Abu Dhabi – Unveils the first private mobile mammography in the region

The first mobile mammography unit in the private sector in the GCC was unveiled Lifeline Hospital group Abu Dhabi in Oct 2010. The unit offered free mammograms to the residents in UAE and other Gulf countries with community outreach programs for preventive medicine and early diagnosis of cancerous diseases, a spokesperson of the hospital said. The lifeline group has showcased the mammography unit at the Abu Dhabi Medical congress 2010.

Dr. Shamsheer VP, managing director of the Lifeline hospital Group, said that the free mammography unit was specifically adapted to the requirements of the patients and healthcare providers in the Middle East.

“Initially the free breast cancer detection campaigns will be conducted in different parts of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, in tandem with the NGOs, universities and corporate organisations” he added.

“The campaign will specifically address women in remote areas and places with less accessibility in the UAE and other Gulf countries. The free mammography in the unit is offered to those who fit the criteria of being at risk of developing breast cancer” noted Dr Shamsheer.

“Our aim is to create awareness among the women in the age group of 40-69, as around 400 breast cancer cases are reported every year in the UAE. Most of them come for treatment at the advanced stage of cancer,” he pointed out.

Dr Shajir Gaffar, Corporate Relations Manager of the group said, “The unit has been manufactured with complete digital programming systems, so any doctor can see the patients’ diagnosis report from anywhere in the world.”

“The vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art screening solution, the mammo diagnosis doctor, ambience lighting system in the mammography examination room, doctor’s consultation room and space for awareness lectures,” he elaborated.

He pointed out, “The unit is customised to handle the often severe weather conditions while travelling to long distances to remote areas.”

“Services of the mobile breast cancer screening vehicles will be taken to new heights by reaching out to people with the life saving message on the importance of breast health and early detection of cancer,” said Dr Gaffar.

According to Dr Shamsheer, introduction to mobile mammography unit and breast cancer prevention education unit with free services is the first-of-its-kind step by a private hospital in the region.

“The mammography unit is dedicated to the care of the womanhood of the region, in an initiative to reduce the mortality rates due to breast cancer and empower them to maintain their good health,” he said.

The mobile mammography was unveiled by Dr Ahmed Mubarak Al Mazrouei, Chairman of Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD)

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