Light Weight Signal Level Meter Works in a Wide Frequency Range

Toronto, Canada-GAO Instruments ( recommends this compact signal level meter equipped with an audio output port and a built-in speaker. It is specially designed for CATV system maintenance and is optimized to analyze signals from different sources for various applications such as the installation and maintenance of mobile telecommunications systems, cellular and cordless phone systems, CB paging, paging systems, cable and satellite TV systems as well as antenna sites.
GAO Instruments’ well-designed signal level meter, model A0500021, supports level,V/A,Tilt and Trunk level testing.It scans and displays up to 160 channels and can test two channels simultaneously. The light weight meter operates in the frequency range of 46MHz to 860MHz at a frequency step of 50kHz, 1MHz, 10MHz or 100MHz. It offers level measurement ranges of 20dBuV to 50dBuV at an accuracy of 卤2dB. The signal level meter works continuously for more than six hours on a single charge. These features enable this signal level meter to accurately measure signal levels and easily conduct analysis of signals over a wide frequency band.
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