Los Angeles, CA (August 24, 2011) – The Law Firm of Mathew and George, a Southern California-based law firm specializing in representing small businesses, announced today that Business Litigation Attorney Abraham Mathew will represent several local businesses being sued by serial plaintiff Alexander Johnson and his Attorney Morse Mehrban. Each of Johnson’s 250 lawsuits alleges that the businesses violated the American with Disabilities Act by refusing entry to his service dog.

Mathew says that he has serious concerns about Johnson and the manner in which he is abusing the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). “In the past few years, a handful of plaintiffs and their attorneys have filed thousands of lawsuits against vulnerable small businesses for allegedly violating the ADA. For example, in Los Angeles County alone Mr. Johnson has filed over 250 lawsuits in the last year – mostly against small convenience store owners. In each case, Mr. Johnson claims that he is hearing impaired and that his service animal was refused entry and could not accompany him while he patronized the business. As a result, he wants $4,000 from each business.”

Mathew continues that “the goal of Mr. Johnson and others like him is to capitalize on the ADA and actively search out businesses from whom they believe they can obtain a quick settlement. Johnson’s lawsuits generally target business owners that are foreign born, have limited command of English and those who don’t have access to attorneys or legal information. The strategy seems to be working quite successfully as most cases seem to have settled very quickly.” If Mathew is correct, Johnson and his attorney stand to earn $1 million dollars from the lawsuits filed in Los Angeles County last year. At this time, it is not known how many other cases Johnson has filed in Orange and other neighboring counties. But, as per Mathew, it is a sure bet that he has or will be filing hundreds more in the near future.

A group of nine business owners have now come together to make a stand against Johnson. The owners are led by Sani Panhwar, an owner of a 7-11 franchise. Panhwar says that the purpose of the ADA is to prevent discrimination against the truly disabled and that it was never intended to be used by unscrupulous individuals as a tool make a quick buck. Panhwar continues that caving in to Johnson and others like him will not solve the problem and that it will only invite others to file more frivolous lawsuits. He says that is why he hired Mathew and why he is encouraging other business owners to join the fight.

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