Lost Funds Now Open for the Public to Claim – Legal Claims

Maryland Comptroller’s office has released a 144 page list containing 60,000 names of identified owners with a worth of $42 million in unclaimed cash. This massive reserve comprises of security deposits, insurance benefits, bank accounts, wages and even valuable contents of safe deposit boxes.

The deputy director of communications, Christine Feldmann of Maryland said their office had obtained more than 1340 calls for unclaimed property. It was estimated during this time that more than 400 people had their unclaimed fund recovered.

Many of U.S. states are adopting the rigorous processes for finding the rightful owners of the unclaimed funds. Various state treasurers carried out this exercise with the help of government institutes like Internal Revenue Service and Motor Vehicle Administration. Some state treasurer offices have set up computers at the occasional state fair and also various other events for giving opportunities to everyone willing to search the list to find their lost money.

However, many properties that are still unclaimed will be put on auction on eBay. Unclaimed funds and property has constantly been accumulating in many states.

Individuals who are still unaware of any existing unclaimed cash can search their name online. In the financial year of 2009, the Maryland comptroller’s office helped over 43,000 people with their claims. The office distributed a mammoth amount of $42 million to them. The list of unclaimed fund keeps on increasing every year, which is why citizens must ensure they claim which is rightfully theirs.

Online search for the lost money or unclaimed cash in your name can be carried out easily. Website like www.cashunclaimed.com facilitate online search for unclaimed money in their name across databases of various states. Many people have been able to find their lost money due to this service. www.cashunclaimed.com has turned out to be a very helpful option for Americans who want to find out unclaimed money that is rightfully theirs.

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