The Luxury Ranch Where Justice Scalia Died

Justice Scalia died while hunting at a remote West Texas luxury ranch used by celebrities, including Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, former wife Jerry Hall, Bruce Willis and others.

The Cibolo Creek Ranch is a 30,000-acre enclave of the Chinati Mountains, whose remoteness is highly favored by its guests. It is the place where Justice Scalia died while hunting this week.

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Këlcyra Castle, Gjirokastër County, Albania
Hearsh leaving Cibolo Creek ranch on Saturday
Hearsh leaving Cibolo Creek ranch on Saturday

Established in 1857 and used to defend against Native American Indians, the Cibolo Creed Ranch fell into disrepair before being bought in 1990 by Houston businessman John B Poindexter, who vigorously restored the property and transformed three adobe forts into a retreat with room prices beginning at around $350 a night.

Apart from the old forts, which have been converted to luxury accommodation for the guests with every facility imaginable, the compound is comprised of low-lying buildings surrounded by stone-built walls that are surrounded by desert scrub.

As the New York Times reported, the property has been a hub for politicians and celebrities. Mr. Patterson, a Republican, has hunted quail at Cibolo Creek, and a member of the country band the Dixie Chicks was married there in 1999.

“My guess is, he has plenty of Republicans and Democrats hanging out together,” said a Texas senator, José Rodriguez, a Democrat from El Paso who has been to the ranch. He said that Mr. Poindexter has hosted a community event at the property each Labor Day that allowed residents to experience the rugged West Texas terrain and Mr. Poindexter’s careful efforts to restore structures now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“It’s a far West Texas, Big Bend landscape,” Mr. Rodriguez said. “It’s wide-open spaces. You see the silhouettes of mountains in the distance. I think people from Europe, from New York, are not used to seeing that sky.”

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