Madrid Art Gallery Seeks Contemporary Works from U.S. Collectors

New Haven, Connecticut – March 16, 2010 – Contemporary artwork collectors with originals by artists such as Millares, Palazuelk, Bansky and Christo, can now sell them to a famous Spanish gallery without leaving the comfort of their home. First Contemporary Art is located in Madrid, but the company has made it very convenient for Americans to sell directly to their gallery, which specializes in international contemporary art.

First Contemporary Art stands behind its philosophy that affordable art should be made available for everyone. This is the basis for the gallery’s decision in 1999 to create the first of many websites. It jumped on board the global media track that has now become the primary method of sharing information and the fastest growing means of communication, all the for collector’s benefit.

“People that buy contemporary art are unique collectors and it’s not unusual for them to change the look of a room by removing a piece and replacing it with another. We showcase works by highly recognized and respected artists. In the past, an owner of one their pieces would have no choice but to take it to a ‘brick and mortar’ gallery or put it on the auction block when they wanted to sell,” stated First Contemporary Art.

The Spanish gallery now offers collectors with pieces for sale, an online service that simplifies the process. All it takes is emailing a digital photograph of the artwork and the gallery makes the arrangements from that point forward. Under the “We Buy” section of the gallery website, is a list of artists whose work the company is seeking.

About First Contemporary Art, property of ROAGU-2 S.L. Company, offers contemporary paintings for sale from a collection that includes sculptures, prints and photography by Spanish, Asian, American and Anglo-Saxon artists. The gallery site offers visitors a helpful art guide, a listing of exciting gallery events, a comprehensive biography of features artists and other helpful art links and resources. The team behind the company has dealt in the art market for more than 30 years and represents one of the predominant art companies in Europe and Spain.
For more information, visit our website at or contact First Contemporary Art 91 Olive Street, Apt 3, New Haven, CT 06511, or by telephone at 1.305.588.2115.

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