Manufacturers can increase production cycles and reduce raw material

Automation of the system also has many other benefits

Manufacturing and distribution companies are mainly depending on ERP system to improve profitability and productivity. eresource ERP has many features that can help these companies reduce expenses and by that way they can get the potential ROI.

Inventory reduction is one of the main features that eresource ERP can provide to the companies. This helps the companies make the right assessment of purchasing. The companies need not stock the products before it is in use as excess stocks can increase wastage and the companies have to make an extra storage space and proper maintenance. eresource ERP system, when implemented, can decide where to store the inventory after completing the process of purchase as the latest data of every department is updated in the system.

Another feature is the easy to view workflow system. With this facility the complete analysis of data can be viewed through automated systems, which helps the management to continue work and to have better plant utilization. eresource ERP system increases production cycles and helps in reducing raw material. This way manufacturing units can schedule tasks easily and effectively. These features in eresource ERP help in reducing raw material inventory. This will also help the expenses on storage of finished goods is reduced.

Automation of the system also has many other benefits such as increased plant utilization, productivity and customer service, and these features in the eresource ERP helps organizations to get the required competitive edge over their competitors.

As everyone will agree that the customer service holds key to success of an organization. When the customer service is improved it helps the products to be delivered to the customers on time. Being a web-based ERP system eresource’s real-time functional facilities help customers in a big way and it also enables the buyers to submit their complaints and problems directly to the manufacturer, if required.

Organizations must take effective and timely decisions to improve business. eresource ERP helps organizations to act in time to overcome any complex matter as everyone in the organization can be interlinked through its real-time online facilities and decision could be made without any delay. eresource ERP system can also define the accounting period in minutes and the management can take decisions based on information which can be fully trusted.

From the case studies we have from our clients, it has been proved beyond doubt that most of them have around twenty five to thirty per cent of reduction in inventory cost after implementation of eresoure ERP system and the cost on manufacturing has been reduced by twenty to twenty five percent.

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