MapQuest Shows New AOL Initiatives, After Huffington Post Spend-Up

5 June 2011 – AOL have launched, a localized version of the popular Internet mapping and address locator portal, which provides localized search results as well as a variety of mapping tools.

The site has been adapted for the Canadian market and the launch will secure AOL a larger role in the Canadian marketplace, following other initiatives taken by AOL such as a new ad format called IAB Portrait and a Canadian version of the Huffington Post, which AOL recently bought for $315 million.

The U.S. site already has a strong Canadian following already, which is expected to grow with localized Canadian content and contributions.

A job posting on social networking site LinkedIn shows AOL Canada says ‘over 1.5 million Canadians are already Huff Post readers’ and that a ‘fresh new take on Canadian news and politics, featuring the best Canadian names as our contributors’ is coming.

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