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The fair dinkum, true-blue Southern Man is in keen demand by kiwi women, according to one of New Zealand’s leading dating agency directors.

New Zealand matchmaker Rosie Bowie is in Dunedin next week seeking ‘real men’ in the style of the Southern Man from the beer advertisements who she claims are in high demand from clients who may be tired of more boring suit-and-tie corporate-types.

The Southern Man spirit may have been advertising-inspired, but it’s certainly caught on in the New Zealand dating scene, with woman increasingly wanting someone who is “true, honest and strong” according to Mrs Bowie.

“We have a wide array of lady clients who simply seek someone who they believe will meet their emotional needs and increasingly they want someone who fits the ‘Southern Man’ style – someone who’s honest and true and represents a more straightforward manner.”

Her matchmaking agency,, handles one-to-one matchmaking that seek long-term relationships. She says a man-shortage and a demand for men with the “true blue” characteristics and representing good kiwi values is what is increasingly in demand.

“The Speights campaign about the ‘real man’ and so forth clearly captured the public’s imagination, but it also represents how many women feel about the men they want to be with. We really want to find men who would be interested even in women who seek those values.”

Matchcompany, which has been operating in New Zealand for 20 years, has over 400 clients and provides personalized services for clients by not only helping them find a suitable match, but also provides advice and seminars on relationships, appearances and other aspects to making people more attractive to potential partners.

Does any of that conflict with the rugged image of the Southern Man?

“No, not at all,” says Mrs Bowie. “The fact is that good self image doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with wearing the best suit or having the sharpest haircut. It’s about integrity and knowing how to treat someone correctly.

“The Southern Man encapsulates many of the qualities that are increasingly lacking in the city men, who are too rushed and appearance-driven to really be attractive to women looking for long-term relationships.”

None of which is to say that the agency is not interested in talking to Otago women too and Mrs Bowie says she is very happy to meet anyone serious about looking for long-term relationships.

She is in Dunedin on Monday and Tuesday, 26 and 27 March, and is available for contacting via the website or on 021 476 454.

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