Matrix to showcase a complete office communications solution at ITEXPO 2011-West

Matrix is a premier organization delivering Telecom and Security solutions. Here in Austin at this ITExpo west, Matrix will be showcasing the entire vest of solutions including business IP-PBX, a wide range of business trunking gateways, fixed-line replacement solutions, fixed-mobile convergence and the new converged office communication solution.
A few months ago, the company also brought in new range of gateways bridging the digital DSX lines to the VoIP network. This followed the trend of a comprehensive range of business communication gateways the company has been bringing one-on-one to cater diverse market requirements.
Citing about the key highlights at the Expo this week, said Mr. Dhaval Bhagora, Product Manager, Telecommunications “Today, what a user comes asking for is a single solution for problem a, b and …x”. Matrix Comsec addresses many of these needs with its new upcoming solution. To be precise, the solution is defined as “Office-in-a-Box”. The new converged solution resolves it all-communication needs over the wireline, wireless network or the internet, voice and data, the user’s urge to be more mobile, freedom from office desk extensions, the freedom to roam between networks. Name it and you find the need addressed with the new series”.
For more information, contact: [email protected]

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