MeetYou new app for smarphone

Armonics Ltd, has developed an application (Apple and Android). A new social network, which gives the opportunity for dialogue and / or meet or affinity according to the place where it is because it is location-aware, all free of charge to the user
In the profile page you decide what you want to tell about your-self and is possible to create and store up to 5 different profiles on the same device.
Every day “hearts” will reveal the affinity with other signs of the zodiac.
The beating heart is the highest affinity; selecting its mark, and “Map Search”, you will know where the person corresponding to the astrological sign is.
You can select your favorite zodiacal signs, or change it everytime.
By zooming on the map you see new friends and their position
It’s possible to select simultaneously both genders or search separately.
There is also a chatting service to allow users to interact each other, save all your conversations, add to the “Favorites” list people more related with you or with the “Lock” button prevent unwanted people to see or contact you.

More information about smartphone and social network please visit !

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