Megan Fox at Law School? 2

Megan Fox at Law School?

Law Schools are facing some big problems these days and they are beginning to hunt about for ways to improve their marketability.

Take New York Law School, struggling along with just over 40 percent of students being placed.

What to do?

Well, one thing is to bring on board a sexy celeb to spice things up a little – like Megan Fox, for instance.

It appears that the lovey NYLS with its buildings and books is to host a ‘mystery’ film project that may – MAY – feature Ms Fox as a law student.

Assistant Dean Helena Prigal informed students via email of a mysterious film project coming to the school:

We are excited to announce that Paramount Pictures will use our beautiful school as backdrop for their next major motion picture. Paramount will be filming a few scenes of their film at NYLS from May 28 – June 2. The production company is dedicated to making sure that the student experience at NYLS is not greatly impacted by their presence. A full detailed schedule with dates, times, and locations is below. In order to minimize any disruption to you, the film will shoot only during the overnight hours of 6 p.m.-7 a.m. However, during the day you may notice production staff and teams dressing some of the shared NYLS spaces for overnight filming. During the overnight filming, students may experience limited access to some areas of the school and be asked to use alternate entrances/exits. You will receive additional and updated communications on which areas will have limited access during production.

As AbovetheLaw reports, the reason why it may be a Megan Fox movie is through the eagle-eyed spotting of a film crew sporting the codename “Half Shell.”

Just in case you were holding out hope that Hollywood executives weren’t mind-numbingly uncreative, I direct you to Entourage: The Movie. If that’s not enough, you can check out this website that cracks the codes of upcoming film productions.

Wow. In the annals of codenames, that’s embarrassingly easy to decipher. If this is how the entertainment industry picks it’s passwords, I’m starting to understand this whole Sony hack thing.

A note of caution, there’s no confirmation that Fox is involved in any of the NYLS scenes, but there’s always hope. If she’s not there, you might at least catch a glimpse of some sewer-dwelling adolescents.

But if look past those graduates without long-term, full-time jobs, there may be some actors dressed like turtles.

So that’s the rumor.  Megan Fox, NYLS and hopefully a little more “oomph” in NYLS’s placements downstream.  Who knows?
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