Mend Fences With Loved Ones Using Mills Counseling Services

Frustrated at work? Your boss is very demanding? He does not give you any personal time? It is ages since you have had a meal with your better half, and this is increasing the distance between the two of you. You know about this, but cannot do anything about it. Approach our licensed professional counselor in la. We at Mills Counseling Services treat every case as our own family affair and always involve our family therapist in Louisiana in almost all our cases. This is because he has the credentials to solve your relationship problems. You will be surprised at the commitment of our Louisiana licensed social worker, who is responsible for working with our patients once they have attended our therapy sessions. In marriage relationships couples often ask the one question, “When should couples go for Counseling?” Invariably couples have a tendency to put off therapy for various reasons including professional commitments, but they have to realize that if they wait too long for the help that they need in their relationship, can be detrimental to the future of the relationship. Hereunder are some signals that if visible, require that the family go for our couples counseling in Lafayette Louisiana?

• A feeling of distance from your partner

• Occurrence of frequent arguments with problem resolution

• Lack of affection or loss of physical intimacy

• Feelings of Mistrust and Suspicion

• Hardly spending time with each other

These are just some of the issues that can crop up in a marriage arrangement. Our couples counseling in Lafayette, Louisiana will help you learn new skills to deepen the communication thread between the two of you, help you resolve old hurts, and rekindle the passion that was earlier present in your relationship. In fact, we specialize in couples counseling in Lafayette Louisiana, as majority of our cases happen to be of the marriage counseling in Louisiana variety. People need to understand that relationships themselves are never bad, but it is just that they go through a bad time. Often, it happens that the interaction and communication between the couple which was existing at the time of their marriage, is no longer working successfully and thus requires a “tone up” or oiling for it to work effectively. Often, we have found that in such cases, a counseling session, or a couple’s workshop, can help to improve the skills required to maintain a happy, healthy and fulfilling relationship. At Mills Counseling Services, we are specialists in marriage counseling in Louisiana, couples counseling in Lafayette Louisiana and conducting therapy sessions with our licensed therapist in Louisiana. Our success rate can be judged by our annually increasing revenues which are increasing @ 12% on a year on year basis. We are not saying this on our own, but it has been displayed on a website giving government statistics about divorces in the country today.

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