Mesriani Law Group Helps Discrimination Victim Secure $ 60,000 Settlement

Los Angeles – Expert employment lawyers of Mesriani Law Group have successfully obtained $60,000 as settlement for an employment lawsuit filed by an employee, a phlebotomist technician, against some co-workers, supervisor, and management in a medical facility.

The claim involved discrimination based on national origin and physical disability, harassment, retaliation; failure to prevent, correct, and remedy discrimination and harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

The lawsuit arose from the victim’s complaints that she had been subject to a continuing campaign of harassment, intimidation and retaliation by co-workers, supervisors, and managers since April 2006. These acts also include humiliation, insults, and other derogatory remarks.

She said the unfair treatment and misconduct continued several times, and even worsened and became more offensive. At one point, the victim was even reprimanded by her superior based on fabricated complaints and false accusation by other workers which made her look incompetent, without listening to her side of the story.

The victim said the harassment, intimidation and discrimination acts continued that she had to request for sick leave to seek medical treatment. After examination by a doctor, the victim was found to be suffering from shortness of breath, chest pains and high blood pressure.

After this, when she returned to work, she was told that she would be transferred to another department. However, she contracted Acute Allergic Rhinitis and allergic Cunguctivatis which finally forced her to go on disability leave.

To make matters worse, the victim said that despite making numerous complaints about the unlawful conduct, her supervisor and even the management failed to take any substantial action against it.

Fortunately, the skilled employment lawyers of Mesriani Law Group came to her aid and immediately fought for the victim’s rights.

On February 2008, the victim, assisted by expert lawyers of Mesriani Law Group, filed the complaints with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). She received her Right-to-Sue Notice the following month.

With the timely and effective representation of Mesriani Law Group lawyers, the defendants were forced to go into mediation and settle the case with the victim.

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