Microsoft outlook 2010 products reviews

Microsoft outlook 2010 reviews:
Microsoft outlook is been used for configuring mail setup, scheduling meetings, saving your conversation history from Microsoft communicator, and so on. In short, outlook 2010 is the single user interface for office purposes. There have been various releases before, with various new advanced features. Currently, Microsoft has released its Microsoft office 2010 for the users.

Microsoft outlook 2010 has some of the additional features, which are not available in the previous versions. Some of the new features are:
Faster performance: Microsoft outlook 2010 has a fast performance, when compared to the previous 2007 version. You can start and exit the outlook faster.
Conversation view: This view enables a threaded view for all the mails, and you can access email easily. It also reduces the message overloads and increases the productivity of emails.

Quick step: This quick step option is a single click option, where can do multiple tasks at one time. You can create a quick step operation for managing your email.

Integration with the latest Microsoft communicator R2: Like the previous versions, by default, outlook 2010 is integrated with communicator R2, where you can view the conversation history in the UI.

In short, office 2010 can be said as the advanced released for the year 2010, and also a single user interface for office purposes.

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