Mills Counseling Services For The Divorced And The About To Divorce

An Australian lady in Louisiana had a husband, who had married her for her money. But at the time of marriage, she did not know to that effect. The man was a bartender by profession and he pretended that he had fallen in love with her, and that he would like to marry her. They were married, and lived happily for almost two years. But on their second anniversary, the wife accidentally saw a phone call on her husband’s cell that was from another female. On probing her, she came to know that she was his girlfriend for the past five years and that they were going to get married very soon. The lady did not know where to go. It was as if her world had broken down. Then she approached the Mills Counseling Services, who were specialists in marriage counseling in Louisiana. It was here that she was counseled and asked various questions pertaining to her marriage. After about three months of therapy under a therapist in Louisiana, and counseling from a licensed professional counselor in LA, she was able to pick up the pieces of her life and ask her hubby for a divorce.

This is just one of the many cases of the millions that come to us for counseling. We are Mills Counseling Services, specialists in marriage counseling in Louisiana, have on board a licensed professional counselor in LA, attend to couples counseling in Lafayette Louisiana, and are working in tandem with a Lafayette Louisiana social worker, who in turn works for an NGO. So in case if you are searching for a family therapist in Louisiana, or want to approach a Louisiana licensed social worker, want to go for couples counseling in Lafayette Louisiana, want to be attended by a licensed professional counselor in LA, you can approach us without hesitation. We are all of the above and many more. Hereunder, we present a first hand account of the abovementioned Australian lady, post her divorce from her then husband. “Mills Counseling Services is a one stop shop for all your relationship remedies, and a potent one at that. When my marriage was on the rocks, I was worried, how I would come out of the grief, and how would I pick up the pieces of my life. But thanks to Mills Counseling Services, I could do so in a very short time.

For people who are having major relationship issues, which they cannot discuss with their own relatives, this is the only place where they can get succor from their many problems” This was not an attempt to present to you, the people at large, the Mills Counseling Services in a positive light, but an account of all our services. But the proof of the pudding lies in the eating and hence you have to experience it to believe it.

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