Mills Counseling Services In Louisiana

In life, there often come instances, when you are emotionally distressed. You are distressed by certain issues or life events, problems in relationships, or changes in our perception of us. This may affect your concentration at work or in school. This is when you will need the services of our licensed therapist in Louisiana. At other times, you tend to remain isolated from friends and family. You may also feel that your emotional pain is unbearable. A feeling of unhappiness and anxiety engulfs you for days at a time, you lose your sleep, have problems communicating. At such times only a therapist in Louisiana, who is a trained professional, can help you out of your troubles and teach you to handle your issues and problems on your own. Then you can enjoy the services of our Lafayette Louisiana social worker. Many problems can be addressed in counseling including ones listed below:

• Depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses

• Relationship with family issues

• Divorce

• Addictions

• Sexual abuse and domestic violence

• Eating disorders

• Problems accepting life transitions

• Low self esteem

• Grief and loss

• Job stress

• Emotional difficulties as a result of disability or illness

Mills Counseling Services are covered by insurance plans, and we accept self pay also. Generally the length of Mills Counseling Services depends upon the individual and the problems they are faced with. Our counseling at our Relationship Wellness Centre will discuss your treatment plan in detail with you. Counseling for these services is given depending upon the gravity of the problem that you are facing. In case if your counseling is covered by insurance, the service centre will be glad to coordinate with the insurance company. Feeling anxious and nervous at your first counseling session is only expected, as it takes tons of courage to come and share your life experiences with our family therapist in Louisiana. Our main aim at the counseling session is to make the atmosphere comfortable and free from judgment. Depending upon your needs, the licensed professional counselor in LA, at our relationship wellness center works with you to set your goals, change behaviors, maximize your potential, improve relationships, and make positive changes in your life. Our USP is couples counseling in Lafayette Louisiana. Today’s couples do not know when to go for counseling to which the answer most often is six months ago. Couples have numerous reasons for postponing therapy. However, waiting too long to get the help that you need only increases frustration and anxiety. There are certain signals in a marriage that tell you that you should go for counseling now. These are:

• Feeling distant from your partner

• Frequent urination

• Loss of intimacy

• Feeling of mistrust and suspicion

• Avoiding spending time with each other

• Poor communication

• Inadequate support

• Infidelity

If you happen to find any of the above signals in your relationship, you are requested to approach Mills Counseling Services for a solution to your problems.

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