Missing out on writing skills? Writing-Services.org offers seminars to polish your technique

Are you struggling with language problems in your writing assignments? Are you not as well prepared for the writing at your college or job as you would prefer? If you wish your writing were better, consider participating in Writing-Services.org’s writing seminars online. You now have the opportunity to fill in any gaps left over from school or college. Join us to learn best practices from professional writers using real-life work and school assignments as they move step by step from topic clarification, to research, to outline, to draft, to editing, with opportunities for questions at every point along the way. These seminars will also be available for later viewing as well, adding to the extensive menu of writing services available from Writing-Services.org.

Writing-Services.org has always helped with customers’ writing projects, but now we are going a step further, and helping our clients write better themselves. Check out our seminars on the whole process of writing, using your own documents (or you can simply watch the process unfold). Professional writers review each phase of crafting a document, from figuring out what your boss or instructor wants you to accomplish in writing this letter, proposal, paper, power point, or other project, choosing what direction you wish to take with it, selecting credible references (if appropriate), and outlining your ideas, to drafting, editing, and documenting citations.

“We’d like to work ourselves out of a job!” said the Writing-Services.org Director,”But the need is way too great!” Customers today are facing serious challenges with language, and insufficient training in the fundamentals of expository writing, among other obstacles, when they enter college or the working world. “Our customers should achieve their full potential, not be hobbled by writing weaknesses”, commented one delighted staff writer, “and we offer strategies to overcome that doe-in-the-headlight feeling you get when you have no clue where to start, or worse, have ideas but can’t find the oomph to put them down in words (otherwise known as writer’s block)”.

Another bonus is the convenience. Seminars will take place in real-time, with interactive input from anyone online at that time. They will then be archived for later viewing, comment, and questions.

Writing-Services.org aims to be a full service writing company and this new option takes us close to that goal. More information on the wide range of services which we offer to our customers around the world is available at http://writing-services.org now.

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