Mitt Romney Campaign Boosted by Hunstman Move – “Toxic” Infighting to Stop Too, He Claims – Jon Huntsman has handed Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney a substantial campaign boost by quitting the race for the GOP nomination.

Huntsman has also called for an end to the ‘toxic’ infighting that has bedevilled the fierce campaign for the GOP nomination, which is damaging to the electoral system and the Republican party, according to Huntsman and others.

Huntsman attracted a relatively minor number of voters, but any votes that Romney can attract in the increasingly bitter South Carolina primary run-off will be greatly valued.

The move by Huntsman comes even after he said that he considered Romney to be unelectable against Barack Obama and saying that he did not possess the necessary conservative principles to make things work. However, he wanted the party to “unite around the candidate best equipped to defeat Barack Obama,” he said.

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