, A Leader in Corporate Rental Announces Its New Service:

Montreal, Canada, 28th March 2010 – has announced its all-new service Montreal Stays Spa – Luxury Care Comes to You under website providing mobile spa services for its guests in Montreal. is an independent company based in Montreal and therefore able to offer a more personal and friendlier accommodation service with their furnished apartments. They offer a range of corporate apartments in Montreal to suit all budgets, preferences and needs. They also offer accommodations, serviced housing, penthouses, and short-term rentals.

With a view to increase its customer service with more options, they added mobile spa services to provide a serene experience to their customers and guests visiting Montreal. The Montreal Stays Spa offers its clientele a way of escaping the daily life stress, while keeping the complete comfort of their home facilities. Their specially designed Mobile Spa services and products are mainly focused to women, men and corporate employees.

Montreal Stays Mobile Spa specializes in providing:

• Hands And Feet
• Make Up
• Waxing
• Facials
• Body Treatments

The treatments offered by Montreal Stays Mobile Spa are custom made and according to the particular requirements of the people. They provide proper and delicate mobile spa treatments that provide effective care with the definite replenishing results. They also guarantee easy ways to reduce stress and fatigue from work. Montreal Stays Spa is excelling at organizing corporate events that give enhancement to the employee’s morale, increase productivity, reduce stress, and encourages team spirit at moderate corporate expenses.

Montreal Stays Mobile Spa also provides gift cards, a great present for your employees, customers, suppliers and colleagues. Contact them to get more information on their corporate spa packages, Insurance reimbursability, and cancellation policy and gift cards.

About Montreal Stays Mobile Spa:

Montreal Stays Mobile Spa offers a wide variety of services and products that are directed at rejuvenating yourself to reveal inner wellness and feelings of serenity. The aim of Montreal Stays Mobile Spa is to provide total relief from daily life tension and stress and feel more fresh, confident and healthy. The spa services of the company are rejuvenating and designed to provide bodily and metal pleasure from Spa.

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