More PhDs at Another Writer Defends his Thesis has stated countless times that custom writers are the most valuable asset of every custom writing company. But despite being true to these ideas, sometimes even we forget this fact while we cooperate constantly with these talented people and solve minor issues of their everyday work. Still, it seems that custom writers have their own way of reminding us about their importance. Last week yet another of full-time academic writers successfully defended their PhD thesis.

“We don’t have any special awards and bonuses for PhDs,” the CEO of says. “It’s the result of our efforts to be more democratic and assess writers by their capabilities and not degrees. Still, I’m sure more complex and specialized orders will be available for this guy so his earnings will increase greatly.”

A small celebration was held in the office of and the lucky scholar admitted that it was who inspired him to continue his academic pursuits after graduation. “I’d been working here for two years prior to graduation,” he says, “So I knew I was capable of preparing my own scientific project. “ The company administration is sure that it is constant flow of new information and extensive reading that allowed him to realize his vocation.

Further details on the offers and services of can be found at website or through the online writer’s support center.

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