Moreton Smith Offers Worldwide Debt Collection to Ensure Fast Settlement of Overdue Receivables

Farringdon, London, U.K –Moreton Smith Limited offers reliable, fast and easy International Debt Collection services in over 120 countries.

The company is serving around £3 billion of client receivables annually for over 600 clients, including 17 of the FTSE 100, which displays company’s experience and expertise in High Volume Debt Collection. It provides powerful multi-lingual e-communications through its experience in house legal team of multicultural workforce offering Worldwide Debt Collection in more than 25 languages.

With Moreton Smith Limited, clients receive a complete integrity and transparency at every stage. The company is equipped with online payment portal with fast-track dispute resolution and escalation allows transformational and measurable performance results. The company keeps all the telephone calls recorded as proof of payment commitment. Through its proven processes and leading edge technology, the company renders service for collecting overdue accounts of its clients within the quickest time possible, whilst maintaining and enhancing relationships.

The company offers high quality Worldwide Debt Collection service based on principles of quality cash collection performance, effective communication with all stakeholders, keeping in compliance with all legal requirements and commitment to achieve measurable results through its consistent approach.

About Moreton Smith Limited

Established in 1994, a London-based company, Moreton Smith Limited has gained an unrivalled reputation for excellence in Worldwide Debt Collection. The company is a one-stop shop for credit management solutions catering to customers in various industries locally as well as globally. It aims at collecting overdue accounts for its clients within the quickest possible time. The company currently serves over 640 clients in 36 industries, across 123 countries. It also employs a multi-cultural workforce specializing in 26 languages catering to high volume debt collection across the globe.

Moreton Smith Ltd.
80 Clerkenwell Road
Tel: +44 (0)20 7490 9010
Fax: +44 (0)20 7490 9083
Email: [email protected]

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