Be Aware—Be Alert—Share the Road—May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Scales of LibertyBy Michael P. Ehline, Esq. – May is motorcycle awareness month, when agencies and organizations will spend the month to educated both motorcyclists and drivers that they need to be aware, be alert and share the road. At Ehline Law Firm PC, the “Rider’s Friend” is warning operators of traditional motorcars, and other autos, to pay special attention in May.  “It is getting sunnier and more riders are out  there on the roadways. Be aware is something that riders and driver’s need to do whenever they are operating a vehicle on the road”, says Ehline.


This means watch the road and the traffic around them, which can help in avoiding collisions or crashing into objects. The difference between these two motor vehicle operators, is the fact that when a motorcycle crashes it can result deadly injuries approximately 35 times greater than for drivers’ of passenger vehicles, according to compiled data by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is despite the fact that riders take advanced training.

Safety Administration (NHTSA). Furthermore the data compiled by the NHTSA shows:

  • In the United States 11 percent of all vehicle accidents involve a motorcycle.
  • The top cause of death in motorcycle in crashes is head injuries.
  • Motorcyclist riding without helmets is 40 percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury.
  • Wearing a helmet can reduce motorcycle fatalities by 37 percent. (Read more.)

There are other statistics that show:

  • The largest percentage of motorcycle accidents occur at intersections.
  • A large percentage of motorcycle accidents occur when motor vehicles turning left.
  • When motorcycle crashes or collisions occur the rider has very little protection, the largest benefit they have is wearing a helmet. This is proven to reduce fatal head injuries, and other types of protective clothing, such as a leather jacket, pants and gloves can help to protect other parts of the body.
  • Even when traveling at a slow speed, if a rider crashes or a collision occurs they rarely escape without being harmed. The injuries that can happen are debilitating typically and take months to heal properly, and in many cases never heal, leaving the rider disabled permanently.
  • The lack of protection like a driver of a passenger vehicle has, is also the reason why the fatality rate is high in bike crashes.

What Driver’s Can Do?

Drivers of motor vehicles can learn about motorcycles on the highways and what the rider is actually able to do. Many driver’s assume because a bike is smaller and maneuvers differently, the rider can stop on a dime, which is not true or if the driver decides to make a turn the rider can maneuver around them without any advance notice. Neither of these things are true, even though a bike is different than a passenger vehicle, it still requires distance to stop and the motorcycle is not built to be able to be maneuvered quickly without putting the rider at risk of crashing and being injured.

Changes on the roadway by driver’s and motorcyclists are necessary and education about motorcycles is imperative  and every motorcyclist, even riders with extensive riding experience should take training courses annually as a refresher or to learn the proper riding habits to keep them safe. May has been designated as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, because of the amount of deaths and major injuries that occur on the roadways involving motorcycles.  To learn more, contact personal injury attorney Ehline Law Firm PC here.

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