It has been said that a dog is a man’s best friend. It is actually true in many respects for canines provide company, joy and a sense of fulfillment to people who care for them. Mueller’s Blessed Day Doodle Pups is one of the leading breeders of puppies in Kansas City, Missouri. Mueller’s has home raised labradoodle and goldendoodle puppies since 2005 and has been privileged to breed and raise their puppies in a lush and peaceful environment which is essential in for any breeder who is striving to produce healthy and adorable puppies.
Mueller’s breeding program has been producing Australian F1B goldendoodles, miniature to medium labradoodles, F1B standard labradoodle and goldendoodles. Their breeding focus is temperament, health and conformation. Mueller’s Blessed Day Doodle has proven that hybrids such as the goldendoodle and labradoodle have more health benefits and hybrid vigor than purebreds and that is why it has become their mission to spread love and appreciation for home raised labradoodles and goldendoodles among people. It is also their goal to produce and train their puppies to be great house pets.
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