Multi-Functional Digital Signal Level Meter

Toronto, Canada – GAO Instruments ( offers its portable digital signal level meter, which is characterized by its high test speed and accuracy. The meter is suitable for testing the performance of digital TV signals in QAM mode as well as analog TV signals. It is also a good choice for the maintenance of digital or analog bilateral networks.
The portable signal level meter, model A0500012, measures digital signal power, power/Hz, QPSK signal power and provides simple operation for auto-detection and measurements of digital or analog broadcast signals. It is equipped with a high-resolution digital color LCD screen on which displays the analog channel analysis level, V/A, C/N. TILT, spectrum, TV picture and measurement results. The self-calibrating instrument automatically compensates for measurement variations according to frequency responses, temperature changes and internal attenuator settings. The meter operates at a frequency range from 50MHz to 860MHz in analog mode.
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About GAO Instruments
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