Nethosting offers Virtual Private Servers at the rate of devoted servers only for you

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for dependability, quality, commitment and exclusive services. Nethosting provides all this and much more.

Virtual Private Servers gives you a self-regulating Virtualized Servers that permit the absolute practicality of a devoted server. All this is available to you at extremely nominal rates, which is practically a fraction of the devoted server rates. Your VPS is totally isolated, wholly customizable, and cost-efficient ways to make the size of your server match the scope of your needs.

Virtual Private server rightly links the space between a shared virtual hosting service and a dedicated hosting service. The clients enjoy their independence on VPS similar to that of a dedicated hosting at fraction of the cost. You can simply pick the size you want and you are sure to be surprised by the performance.

There are plenty of OS packages on offer. These packages are VPS 128, VPS 256, VPS 512, VPS 1024 and VPS 2048. Each package is designed with a unique combination of RAM, disk, data transfer, Supported OS’s and control panel. These are devised keeping your personal and professional requirements in mind and you can pick them based on your own needs and budget. The packages are economically priced and give you a great value for money. The disk space varies from 5GB to about 80 GB. You can even add more IP addresses on your virtual servers and upgrade as the requirements increase. The up-gradation process too is quick and simple.

Common guarantee provided across all packages are hardware replacement, satisfaction, uptime and round the clock support on all 365 days of the year. Our order process for your very own virtual server is extremely user friendly and can be done in minutes at VPS hosting can be up and running within minutes. A dedicated team of experts is always ready to listen to your queries and help you sought out any simple or complicated problems.

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