New Office of Suburban Tranquility Increases Efficiency

Times change, and we change with them, as the Latin proverb goes. Being true to this ancient maxim, tries to change itself constantly to stay tuned with the demands of its customers and a current state of the industry and to acquire new invaluable experience. The last week has seen one the most major changes in history – after a month of preparations and adjustments, the company has finally managed to leave its last no-so-spacious accommodation for a new office.

“We’ve been waiting it for a year or so,” the CEO of the company says. “Our last office was not that bad but our company has just outgrown it. After all, we have a staff of several dozen full-time custom writers and each of them requires his own office room. Then, we have a Quality Assurance and an IT department… All in all, we just couldn’t manage to share a building with someone else.”

Fortunately, a new office presents an entire building in a quiet suburban district, easily accessible by cars and public transport alike. The administration of the company hopes that the calmness of the new office will increase the writers’ productivity greatly.

Further details about events and offers of the company can be found at website or through the online support center.

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