New Site Features Launched By Prime Minister Helen Clark Wellin…

New Site Features Launched By Prime Minister Helen Clark

Wellington – 24 April 2007 –

Raising money for the arts has been at times a touchy, political topic, as the Government have found with their current, artists’ royalty proposal, however new web tools employed by Wellington web company have helped empower artists and others in their quest for funding.

Last night the Prime Minister Helen Clark, who is also Minister for Arts, Culture & Heritage, unveiled the new additions to Culture & Heritage website, which was launched last September as a site designed to increase awareness of and involvement in cultural activities. The site won the TUANZ Business Internet Information Award in 2006 and has now been enhanced with modern ‘Web2.0’ tools that let arts organisations seek funds online using the Funding Information Service database. There are almost 100,000 non-profit organisation in New Zealand, of which nearly half are sports or cultural bodies, many of which actively seek funding.

Developed by the leading Wellington web company, uses tools that “mashup” content in a way that permits data and content from different sources to be integrated in a new way. This will permit the website’s users to locate funding through the large Funding Information Service (FIS) database of funding sources.

FIS developed a sophisticated data feeds which has integrated into the Ministry’s site in a way that permits organisations to make search requests and receive up-to-date and comprehensive funding information.

FIS holds the country’s largest data collection of funding information. As new information is added to the database it becomes available via the feed.

“The cultural funding guide is an easy-to-use search tool that will help cultural groups and artists match project with potential funders. Taking the data feed from the Funding Information Service and presenting it on the website is a great solution to improving access to cultural information”, Manager Sarah Jones said. is one of the leading users of the new technologies available to web owners and have carried out numerous complex website building jobs for government and private sector organisations.

About is one of New Zealand’s premier web development companies, handling ‘Web2.0’ applications and standards-based web solutions that provide its government and private sector clients with highly effective and usable online functions. The award-winning, seven-year-old company has developed innovative web solutions for over 40 organisations, specialising in its ‘agile’ development processes involving the client in the end product.


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