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NEW YORK, Nov. 2 – LAWFUEL – The Law News Network – Lawyers from 21 states and the District of Columbia have been selected by the editors of Worth magazine in its list of the nation’s 100 most exceptional attorneys.

Hitting newsstands on November 8, the “100 Top Attorneys” list in the
December issue is the culmination of a year of extensive research by Worth’s
editorial staff. The editors reviewed hundreds of nominations by readers, as
well those provided by financial advisors, family office executives,
accountants, consultants, academics and others who work with or closely
monitor attorneys.
In determining their selections, Worth’s editors looked most carefully at
attorneys specializing in trust and estates, philanthropy, elder care,
matrimonial and other private practice areas. Specifically, they looked for
professionals who combined exceptional legal expertise with outstanding
interpersonal skills and great tact.

To pare its list down to 100, Worth’s editorial staff “searched for those
who can think beyond the numbers and routine of their daily work,” explained
Worth Features Editor Emily DeNitto. “We asked about how they are responding
to current trends and pivotal cases. We wanted to know what types of
strategic recommendations our nominees have made. We then examined their
years of experience, time spent both behind a desk and in front of judges.”

Attorneys making the final list “did so because of their keen sense of
service,” Ms. DeNitto further explained. “They understand the importance of
being accessible to their clients and the delicacy of many of the issues they
deal with.”

Worth magazine
Worth is the only magazine devoted exclusively to the best interests and
unique challenges of readers who possess substantial wealth. Each issue
offers astute and unbiased reports on such complex subjects as estate
planning, private banking, philanthropy, trusts, entrepreneurship, and
investment opportunities — topics crucial to the continued well-being of
affluent families and individuals. Worth also examines a rich variety of
“passion investments,” including vintage cars, private aircraft, yachts,
watches and jewelry, real estate, wine, art and antiques.

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