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Of greater concern is that this type of recycling kit manufacturing cost is. In response, Nike also gave a description of practical action, this Nike Lunar Haze Shoe jersey has started the family version of the Nike store and online sales, priced at about 50 euros, and its production of traditional fabrics prices are pretty uniform. This shows that such “plastic bottle” shirt has been able to mass production.
“This is history made in the best sustainable development actions. New uniforms to the athletes not only brought a visual enjoyment, improved performance, while use of recycled materials, reducing environmental damage. “introduces, according to Nike, the production of plastic bottles out of raw materials, uniforms made of light than normal 13% fiber, and has better performance of sweat and perspiration.
As of yesterday, the South African World Cup Group 8 of 32 teams have been unveiled. It is understood that this World Cup in South Africa, Brazil, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United States, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia and Slovenia, the 9-team players are wearing the plastic Nike Free Running Shoes bottle by 8 made of “polyester jersey . ” As the provider of the product, Nike recovered before the World Cup about 13 million plastic bottles, a total of 254 tons of polyester waste.
Give the data in accordance with Nike, recycling the waste produced jersey, rather than the usually way to deal with buried pit, saving a total area of 29 football pitches of the landfill area.
Quite dramatically, the least environmentally friendly “whining Zula,” and most environmentally friendly “plastic bottle jersey” in our country of origin.
It is understood that the World Cup in South Africa that appear on the “hum Zula” 90% produced in China, but only 5% of profits. As for the green jersey Nike Free Run from a foundry in Taiwan is responsible for production, because this generation of the plant itself involved in the development of environmentally friendly materials and practical application to the jersey in the course of work under a great deal of profit margins natural than the production of “whining Zula” to much higher.

Daphne brand shoes officially joined the “leather logo” enterprise

According to media information reported recently, women officially joined the brand Daphne “Leather logo” has become a “leather logo,” 4359 a glorious enterprise. As a famous brand Nike Free Run shoes, Daphne its “changing fashion styles, the price of plain People First” has won the favor of consumers, repeatedly creating marketing miracle. In future, the “leather logo” is leading the force in the industry group, Daphne will bloom unique brilliance.

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